About Katie

Katie Lee is a lifestyle designer (aka: daily life coach) for lady-gogetters, the ones who can’t seem to figure out why time seems to slip past them each day. Through her bestselling book The Effortless Everyday, powerful weekly emails and Facebook Live Show The Good Day she teaches you how to do daily life so you get everything done while making it all feel effortless.

Her adoring fans + clients have called her an insightful and gentle guide and so effing helpful! and one woman said If Oprah and Stephen Covey had a baby…you’d get Katie. She’s the perfect mix of wisdom and applicable knowledge.

She regularly coaches busy women who are ready for better days through her Bootcamp and soon to open Good Month Club.

And when she’s not teaching you can find her indulging in another episode of Mad Men, planning her next trip and baking cakes with her husband and dog in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Katie and I met in Todd Herman’s 90 Day Year, where I discovered that we both a.) live in Minnesota and b.) share ties to the same small town (Montevideo, MN) that nobody knows exists.

I started following along and have enjoyed Katie’s practical, actionable tips on how to break free from busy to enjoy every day. 


What’s Covered in this Episode

In this conversation, Katie and I talk about…

  • Daily life design, and how we can use it to live our lives more joyfully.
  • Getting a grip on your everyday life so it doesn’t suck
  • Going against the grain to create your own personal design
  • Small changes that change your life
  • Busy-ness: how to accomplish “un-busy” when you love all the things in your life
  • and more!


Connecting with Katie

Visit Katie’s website: Hey Katie Lee 


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