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Sunday is a woman on a mission. When I met her in January 2017 at my New Year Retreat for Women Entrepreneurs, I was so drawn to her bubbly personality. Once we talked, I quickly learned about the challenges she’s faced over the past five years.

Sunday’s life was changed forever in April 2012 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After a year of surgeries, radiation, and chemo therapy, she earned the title “breast cancer survivor”. But she didn’t stop there! In 2016 she competed in the #1 ranked reality TV show Survivor.

Learn how Sunday navigated the ebbs and flows of a tricky diagnosis, and how it impacted her relationships (she is a married mother of 4 children who, at the time of her diagnosis, ranged between 12-18 years old).


Topics Covered in this Episode

In our conversation you’ll hear about what it’s like…

  • Navigating relationships in entirely new terrain,
  • Making decisions upon decisions upon decisions…at a time when you’re feeling the most unclear…
  • And how it feels to not be able to take care of a family the way you’re used to.

But then you’ll hear how Sunday used this experience to create an amazing experience for herself and now step into a life she would not have otherwise known.

Hero moments,
Second baptisms,
Turning hard moments into big big blessings.
And how Sunday developed a real love of towels (30+ days on a remote island with no amenities can have that effect).

If you’re going through something in your life, or have been through something in your life, or know someone who is going through something in their lives, I promise you’ll love hearing Sunday’s refreshing perspective.

Listening to this interview, I laughed and I teared up a little too. Sunday is such a cool lady and I’m honored to share this conversation with you.

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