Duluth, MN

24 hour hours in Duluth? Do this…


As I write this, I’m sitting at home on a snowy mid-April day in Minnesota. No fooling! Both kids are home from school on snow days. To liven up my day, I’m reminiscing back to that time a couple of weeks ago when I hopped up to Duluth for the day with my friend Katie! I was in the middle of back-to-back Spring breaks with my kiddos and this getaway was the perfect reset.

55 degrees and partly sunny- Duluth knows how to show off!

Keep scrolling to see what we did.

Stop 1: Duluth Grill

Stop 2: Canal Park

Stop 3: Grandma’s Restaurant

Stop 4: Enger Park

(Stopped by our Airbnb to check in; had wine and snacks)

Stop 5: Tavern on the Hill

Day 2

Stop 1: Caribou Coffee

Stop 2: Canal Park

Stop 3: Enger Park

Headed back home at 11 am.

Tobie’s for lunch on the way home

The perfect mix of eating, drinking, and getting outdoors!