About Kara Marie

A photographer for a decade and dreamer for a lifetime, Kara Marie is an award-winning photographer and boudoir photography educator with 2 studios in Austin, TX. She believes whole-heartedly in “girl power” and her life’s work is to make sure women know how important and special they are through high-end photography experiences laden with stellar customer service and pampering. She is a capital “F” feminist until it comes to spiders…then it’s a man’s job.

Traveling often and rocking head-to-toe black always, she is an often-too-busy career mom raising 2 incredible boys alongside her husband who is a brilliant business man and highly involved parent in his own right.


What’s Covered in this Episode

This episode is one of my faves, for sure. Kara is super funny and easy to talk to, and one of the most focused, hard-working women I’ve met. Her commitment to her work and bringing her visions to life is quite inspiring. In our conversation, we talked about…

  • Why Kara focuses on boudoir, and why it’s important for her.
  • Why it’s worth it to hold out for the boudoir photographer you want.
  • How Kara keeps her work fresh and interesting within a very regimented schedule (she’s booked out already for the rest of the year, ya’ll!)
  • Balancing life with a husband who is also an entrepreneur and two kids.
  • What Kara is doing to expand her experience in 2018.

This episode is really candid, funny, and inspiring. Kara is one of my favorite entrepreneurs right now and you will LOVE this conversation. Enjoy!!


Connecting with Kara

Instagram: @KaraMarieBoudoir | @KaraMariePortraits

Websites: Kara Marie Boudoir | Kara Marie Portraits


What She Read
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Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, & Wisdom
by Rick Hanson

Tribe of Mentors
by Tim Ferriss


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