About Dana

Dana Roquemore is the founder of The Dinner Party Project. I was first introduced to Dana’s work through Jenny Joy, who was a guest on Season 1 of The Audacity of She. Aside from the fact that her name is Dana Marie and mine is Dana Cherie, I had a feeling that we needed to connect because of our passion for bringing people together for good conversation.


What’s Covered in this Episode

In this episode, Dana and I talk about…

  • her early days as a stylist and event planner.
  • How she decided to quit her part-time job, let someone else run her small business, cleaned out her savings account, and took a sabbatical, spending 2 months in Australia and New Zealand with no intention other than to take a break
  • Her return to Orlando, and how she was able to bring both her experience and her passion together to launch The Dinner Party Project, and
  • Her struggles with business (she’s inclined toward the creative), and how she’s bringing in the support she needs to scale her business.

We also touch on self-awareness and knowing who we are. Why it helps to know what makes you happy, stressed out, and what your triggers are. And getting healthy and whole, so you are really in touch with yourself and whatever role you choose.




Connecting with Dana

Visit Dana’s website: The Dinner Party Project


What She Read

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Present over Perfect Shauna Niequist



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